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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Orientalist

Watching basketball recently, I was struck by how god-awful ugly "Boston College" looks on their uniforms, on the gym floor, etc. Why? All italicized caps. Check it out here.

Note the italicized caps on the otherwise attractive design below.

Is this ever a good idea?


Anonymous said...

While I agree the italic caps on The Orientalist cover don't work, I have to defend italic caps in general. Sometimes they can work very well. As an example, I humbly present one of my covers that uses nothing but Trade Gothic Bold Condensed Oblique. I think those caps are fine.


Joseph said...

Isaac: You're right...they're more than fine, in fact. I didn't mean my question to sound snide. There are times when it works, as it does in your design.

I was looking at this this morning and was thinking about the bold italics question. Thoughts about this design?

Anonymous said...

In Orientalist, maybe a different font. In Against the Grain, seems to work in making me feel slightly ill-at-ease, paranoid(?), vertigo? Not sure the subtitle needed to run from edge to edge though.