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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The New New Journalism

A few months back, the cover for an anthology provoked some good discussion over at Foreword. At issue was the treatment of the names of those anthologized -- over 30! This cover has a mere 19, but takes a similar approach, and since both are from Viking, perhaps this isn't a surprise. Anyone know if this is John Gall's work (as is the other)?

Husband of a Fanatic

A very powerful picture. But any thoughts about the treatment of the subtitle?


Question: Why is the title repeated? What does it say about the colored treatment of the title? Is it not readable alone, and therefore does it need the support of the title displayed again, more readably? (This isn't meant to be rhetorical...can anyone point to other examples of this?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hedwig & Berti

Enough with the feet already! As I've claimed earlier, there are way too many feet and shoes on book jackets.

Stop That Girl

One of those goofy photos that works.


When does the horizontal split work? When doesn't it? And is it overused?

The Cigar Roller

Tobacco-related post #1. I love this.

Lighting Up

Tobacco-related post #2. Oh, this could be SO much better.

Every Man A Speculator

I would have expected something different -- green, that iconic bull statue -- so this is a nice surprise.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Astro Turf

I really like this. But why are the arm and hand yellow?

Angry Black White Boy

This works on a lot of levels for me.

Dr. King's Refrigerator

Another one that knocks it out of the park, I think. Restrained, simple, eye-catching. By Rodrigo Corral. I'm a big fan of his work...but who's not?

When All the World Was Young

The main title could be much better. Anyone think these fonts look good together?


Definitely not a fan of any of the type on this one.

Where Shall I Wander

I like the placement of "New Poems."