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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The New New Journalism

A few months back, the cover for an anthology provoked some good discussion over at Foreword. At issue was the treatment of the names of those anthologized -- over 30! This cover has a mere 19, but takes a similar approach, and since both are from Viking, perhaps this isn't a surprise. Anyone know if this is John Gall's work (as is the other)?


grandma blue said...

Don't know who did it. Hey, this is a great blog. I just found it. Thanks so much for creating this. Look forward to more postings.

Pretty much, I think if a cover doesn't work, chances are some editor at the publisher mucked around with it.

Anonymous said...

Having done a few anthology covers in my day, it's either "all or nothing". Either you have to put all the authors on there, or none. I've only gotten away with putting a few names on there when the editor insisted there also be photos. There just wasn't enought room for 67 head shots (LOL).