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Sunday, March 05, 2006


"Allegra Goodman's novel is set in the world of high-stakes research."


Kitty said...

THIS one gets my attention. Two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, but do I really want to read a book about filing?

Joseph said...


Exactly. Consider this paragraph from the review:

""Intuition," by contrast, is fuzzy. An anxious, ambitious, down-on-his-luck postdoctoral researcher suddenly obtains results that look too good to be true — the virus he's injected into cancer-riddled mice appears to be melting away their tumors — and his girlfriend, another postdoc in the same lab, comes to suspect he's fudged his results. But she doesn't know for sure: there's no hard evidence, just some sloppy, discarded lab notes that seem to suggest it."

What do "sloppy, discarded lab notes" look like? Hmmm...