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Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Father Is a Book

I'm not a type snob. Really, I'm not. But the "Y" in "My" is just awful and highly distracting.

Anyone know what typeface that is?


Kitty said...

I couldn't pin down the font, but it's very similar to Book Antiqua. BA's "Y" doesn't offer the exaggerated flourish, but it's close.

Anonymous said...

The typeface is Requiem (smallcaps), looks like either Fine or Display. That "y" is standard in the smallcaps, but there is also a normal alternate "y" smallcap. Requiem is a beautiful face, but extremely popular on book covers, and some say overused. See typophile for more. Requiem was designed by Jonathan Hoefler.

Joseph said...

Brilliant. Thanks Isaac.