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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Metamorphosis & Other Stories

So brilliantly Penguin Modern Classics. I want to move back to England when I see something like this. :-)


Anonymous said...

I adore this with a passion I usually reserve for chocolate. If I lived in England I would rip the cover off the book and frame it.

Alan Trotter said...

But . . . why?

It's great that it's provoking this kind of love, but I'm a huge Kafka fan, I currently own only a rather unsatisfactory translation of Metamorphosis and I'd love a handsome edition of it, but this would put me off.

I quite like the image, but it doesn't seem interested in serving the text. Can someone explain to me why this is suitable for Kafka's short stories?

Joseph said...

Alan: A good question. I think this is a welcome reprieve from Gregor as insect (literally), which is a way some people read that particular story.

As far as if this appropriate for a collection of stories, I'm sure that relying on the most well-known of Kafka's stories (well known to casual readers like me) is probably a good marketing decision.

And as far as the Penguin Modern Classics angle, so many of their covers look like play or movie posters to me. I could easily see this hanging outside a theater. Does that make it less of a book cover? I'm not sure.

jason r said...

any idea of the designer?