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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Everyman, paperback, US and UK

UK edition on top, US on bottom.

A fantastic example of the different ways the same elements can be laid out. (The US blurb is longer and has the lovely medal, but those are about the only differences.) To my eye, the UK edition is the much stronger design.


alan said...

the UK edition has a greater sense of depth, that's for sure. the palette for the US edition leaves something to be desired...

Anonymous said...

Why does "ROTH" have to be so big?

alan said...

"Why does "ROTH" have to be so big?"

big names sell books. authors who have some semblance of celebrity status in the book world will often have their name more prominently displayed over the title of the book.

if you're referring to just the general layout of this particular cover and the juxtaposition between "Philip" and "Roth," then i would say the reason is twofold: One, the differing sizes increases the sense of depth, and two, Roth is easily recognizable and identifiable when scanning the shelves, especially if this particular book will be displayed face out.

sorry if this is a bit wordy; i just finished a round of essays recently.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what those gears were all about on the U.S. edition. The UK edition is much better.