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Monday, December 31, 2007

Something to Tell You

Designer name to come

Briefly noted in the Guardian's preview of upcoming fiction for 2008 is this: "Hanif Kureishi also returns to the 70s, and the territory of his enduringly lovable The Buddha of Suburbia, with a much-tipped new novel, Something to Tell You (Faber, March). His narrator is an analyst looking back on the violence, confusion and first love of his youth, while deeply engaged in contemporary politics and culture: Kureishi's London landscape is a vivid kaleidoscope of larger-than-life characters."

Look closely and you'll see these "larger-than-life characters" performing some, um, nimble interpersonal gymnastics. How come my first love wasn't like that? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Wow. What an absolutely wonderful and creative cover.

I wonder what the other concepts for this looked like before the designer opted to draw it all...?

Anonymous said...

The designer and illustrator is Darren Wall.

Anonymous said...

Those figures are somewhat like the figures of the Australian satirical cartoonist Leunig.