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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two New Anthologies

The Book of Other People designed by Darren Haggar,
My Mistress's Sparrow Is Dead designed by Jarrod Taylor

The BDR loves anthologies: see a few more here , here and here. (And for something even cooler, keep reading.)

The Book of Other People
(gotta be Charles Burns illustrations, right?) comprises 23 stories by writers such as David Mitchell, Dave Eggers, George Saunders and Chris Ware. According to Publisher's Weekly, "(Zadie Smith's) instruction was simple: make somebody up." I'm dying to know if there are more illustrations on the back cover.

The designs for Eugenides' collection (US cover first, UK second) take solidly different approaches, and while it could probably be said that that the cardiograph zig-zags on the US cover aren't necessary and that the UK cover may be a bit too saccharine for all the stories contained within, doing so would be to quibble. Anatomy and silhouette are pretty much always great, and both would surely grab my attention on the new books table.

Oh, the cool thing? The profits from both of these books go to support Dave Eggers' 826 Foundation.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that there are more pictures on the back, but I'll have to check next time that I'm at work.

mike said...

There are indeed more pictures on the back.

JRSM said...

There are more pictures on the back. Also, the doctor and the rather misshapen head are covered by one of those coloured paper slips publishers like to stick on books, making them an (unpleasant) surprise when you get the book home.

Anonymous said...

The designer is Darren Haggar.

Also, jrsm--none of the copies of the book that I've seen (the three that my store received as well as copies at other stores) have had a belly band of any sort.

JRSM said...

Hmm-that's odd. Though I'm talking about copies in Australia, which would be the same as the UK copies. Are you in the US?

And thanks for reminding me of the phrase 'belly band' - I was blanking there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm in New York, so that'll probably explain things.

Anonymous said...

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Ana Carolina Braz said...

Just read a really nice review on Boldtype, and according to it Zadie Smith writes about the different typefaces in which the authors submited the works. I think it´s the first time I´ve ever read a review on a non-design book that brings typography issues up. I´m happy:)

"Much has been made recently about typesetting and its effects — note the attention the Atlantic paid to Michael Beirut's fine collection 79 Essays on Design, as well as the fierce partisanship the Helvetica meme unearthed. Thus, it's fitting that in her introduction to this much-anticipated collection, editor Zadie Smith avoids any awkward categorizations of the contributors and instead notes the varied typefaces in which these 23 stories were submitted to her. Americans like the much-maligned font Courier, she reports, and the Brits use "the elegant, melancholic Didot." One writer, Smith notes, even contributed a story in a long, slender magazine-style column. She must be referring to Jonathan Lethem, whose homunculus-like character Perkus Tooth rails against the New Yorker's typeface and transcribes the articles to read them unfettered from their typographical chains."

Anonymous said...

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