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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Born Yesterday: The News as a Novel (UK)

Designer credit to come

From the Amazon description: "Gordon Burn, artist, journalist and true-crime author, has taken the events from this bleak summer (of 2007) and turned them into an utterly unique novel about the way news is made, and how the media creates and manipulates the stories we see before us."

This certainly isn't the first newspaper-themed cover out there--here are four others--but this is the only one that reproduces Damien Hirst's For the Love of God, which makes it pretty damned cool.


netaganskiy said...

One more (pretty ugly).

This is russian publishing house "Amfora" and the author is music journalist.

Julian Sirre said...

It's Damien Hirst though.

Joseph said...

ah, so it is. fixed.

Anonymous said...

I think designers and newspaper lovers world wide are always going to fall for the old newspaper treatment for a cover.

I would have never guessed that that skull was Hirst's work. But then again I am not a follower.

Overall, this cover is just another newspaper themed book cover. Nothing wrong with that.We've all done it and liked it.