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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Demons in the Spring

Cover illus. by Chris Uphues
Elephant illus. by Todd Baxter
Ghost illus. by Charles Burns
Skirt illus. by Geoff McFetridge
Moon illus. by Souther Salazar

I was late to the party finding out about Joe Meno, whose The Boy Detective Fails accompanied me and the missus on vacation to Crete two years ago; it's since become a favorite that I've lent out (and amazingly gotten back!) several times. I've wanted to re-read it but think it's going to have to wait for me to read this, Meno's new collection of short fiction that is gorgeously illustrated throughout. No dust jacket on this, btw: just a wonderfully vibrant pink with silver and orange stamped on the front. The crappy iPhone photos don't do it justice. Buy this book from

UPDATE: One of the book's illustrators, Cory Hudson, has posted more photos here, and reader Scout reminded me that proceeds go to tutoring center 826 Chicago.


Lori Rader-Day said...

Two things. Joe Meno's short stories are amazing, so this book is not just pretty, but a good read. And second, from Meno's web site:

"Proceeds from the book will go directly to benefit 826 CHICAGO, a non-profit tutoring center, part of the national organization of tutoring centers."


satin touch said...

scroll down a few posts to read about this book from designer/art director, struggle inc.'s perspective. also features images of a number of the book's illustrations.

Steven Yenzer said...

Went out and bought this book last night after I saw this post. Not only is it beautifully designed, the stories are terrific. I highly recommend it.