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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Drunkard's Walk, UK edition

Designer info to come

Remember The Drunkard's Walk from a few months back? Discussion in the comments about the durability of the die-cut jacket on the US publication got fairly intense. Here's the UK edition, where the drunkard's walk looks more like me dancing after a few cocktails.


Katie Alender said...

I like this... the loosey-goosey vibe and the translucence of the feet.

That's my technical analysis. ;-)

Ian Koviak said...

lovely. I am enjoying this seeming revival of illustrated covers...

Wonderful typography. Wonder what those typefaces are?

I also love the muted, almost pastel colors. An interesting choice that ads to the whimsical clumsiness of it all.

Anonymous said...

Sainsbury did something similar to this at comp stage.

Jonathan said...

Yeah, we tried it. Author and more so the agent killed it.