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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nobody Move

Design by Susan Mitchell
Case illustrations by Philip Earl Pascuzzo

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You can't tell from the scans at Amazon, the FSG Web site, etc., but underneath the dust jacket of Denis Johnson's Nobody Move are some mighty fine illustrations printed directly on the case. Better illustrations for "a babes-and-guns exercise in pulp fiction" you probably won't find. (Click for larger images.)

Dust jacket:




Ian Koviak said...

Nice. Seems like Susan Mitchel has been doing this type of real bold title treatments on several recent titles now. it's great. It really grabs you. You read it right away. The illustrations are funny. Kind of cheap looking. Pulpy.

H3NR7 said...

Way to go Phil!

Is that you on the front cover?

Joanne said...

Awesome Phil !!!!!

Joyce said...

I will be reading this book shortly, I love the book jacket which drew my eyes to this novel. I have other books that Phil Pascuzzo design, again great design!!!!

Cheryl Tardif said...

Love the bullet holes on the front and the front and back covers. Vert artistic!

My only criticism is that on the dust jacket the font of "A NOVEL" is far too large. It should be smaller.

At first glance the title reads: "NOBODY MOVE A NOVEL".