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Friday, May 29, 2009

K Blows Top

Design by Pete Garceau
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I didn't know this: before his infamous 1960 shoe-banging incident, Nikita Khrushchev toured the U.S. "and captivated the world with his comic, belligerent, threatening, childish, and just-plain-offbeat antics...meeting Hollywood icons, eating hot dogs, mugging for the press, arguing with President Eisenhower, (and) making fun of Vice President Nixon..." (Booklist). Lurking behind the shenanigans was the very real threat of nuclear annihilation, which makes me appreciate the collage all the more. I see an explosive cloud. Do you?


Arturo Ulises said...

That's some clever design. The 'mushroom cloud' did it for me. And I gotta love the font. Very propaganda poster-like.

Joseph said...

Yeah, it's definitely the cloud that does it for me.

Anonymous said...

Cover made me think of Tyrants by David Wallechinsky: