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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Living (U.S. and U.K.)

Designer credits to come
Marilyn Monroe photograph by Eve Arnold

Oh, I love this, from the Guardian review: "Unlike his snooty modernist peers, (Joyce) was a socialist and democrat who believed in mass literacy - and was happier discussing Dickens with post office workers than he was sitting in bohemian cafes. Reading Ulysses may be a challenge, but so are most jobs. We shouldn't need a sacred priesthood to interpret it for us."

I've seen this photograph before and it's wonderful; I wonder if Faber was tempted to use an image of someone less iconic, in order to further underscore the "Joyce is for the common man and woman" argument put forth by the author. And check this out: it's not the only time this image has been used on a book about Joyce.

The U.S. cover just isn't hitting the same notes for me:

UPDATE: The Caustic Cover Critic points out a few more examples of the use of this particular Marilyn photograph, in addition to the use of another similar photo.


Ian Koviak said...

that U.S. cover is way more attractive in composition and concept. The first cover looks like some old TIME cover or something.

Evie said...

I don't particularly like either of these covers. The US cover looks curiously unfinished though.

JRSM said...

The UK cover image has been on at least two other books:

Joseph said...

Wow. Thanks!

Austin Kleon said...

I want a poster of that photo of Marilyn to hang in my office.