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Monday, August 31, 2009

The F Word

The F Word designed by Lisa Force

The design for The F Word (fuck; not feminism) reiterates the academic design treatment seen on On Bullshit. A slightly more provocative design was done by Faber about 10 years ago (bottom image).

(PS: Cunning linguists rejoice: MILF made in the 3rd edition of Sheidlower's book. The Book Bench previews some others.)


mog said...

I like them, but none of these are as clever as the wraparound cover for The Fuck-Up.

Jessup said...

The bottom design by Faber is definitely superior to the one by Lisa Force. That is not to say that I have strong feelings of dislike for her design, but I feel that it's too simple, almost boring to be honest. I mean, yeah, simple is usually a good, safe way to go, but given the nature of this book (esp. since the author is the Editor-in-large of the OED) I think it would have been fitting if there were some word play with the title, (i.e. THE "EFF" WORD).