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Friday, September 25, 2009

Five for Friday, 9.25.09

Homo Zapiens; design by Darren Haggar:

Long Past Stopping; design by Mary Schuck, photograph by Jennifer Kennard:

The Wildfire Season; design by The Heads of State:

The Gastronomy of Marriage; design by Anna Bauer, photograph by Mark Weiss:

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell; design by Holly Macdonald:


Catherine said...

Homo Zapiens really made me smile. So clean and minimal with just the right amount of punch. The red shoes on the doll are just perfect and I really like the wonky type. Lots of designers use the still-life photo on white approach, but Darren really nails it (no pun intended!) with the composition and hand-lettered type.

Ian Koviak said...

Wonderful selection.

Long past stopping is my favorite. Priceless image and simple color spot to tie the whole thing together and make it special.

Mr. Norrell looks much like Jon Gray... but attractive nonetheless...

I love 5 for friday's.

Joseph said...

The image for Lost Past Stopping doesn't do it justice. It really pops on the shelf.

Ian Koviak said...

I know, I've seen it. Really, it's the whole package. It just looks like something good to read. Reminds me of Mark Cohen's covers back in the day.

Shorty said...

I love the necking yellow squashes on the Gastronomy of Marriage (and the whole design). They're so cute.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Strange... very much like the UK cover for Jack of Ravens Mark Chadbourn!