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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Picture of Dorian Gray

"For this new edition of the book, artist Gareth Jones re-imagines the story as a costume drama set in 1970s Paris, in a large format edition (roughly 11 x 14 inches -- ed.) that returns the book to its origins in a magazine." (Click on the last two images for jumbo versions.)

Some production details (typefaces used, etc) can be bound on the Four Corners Books Web site. And why didn't someone tell me The Financial Times reviewed (really well, I might add) book cover designs? Their review of this appears here; grab the RSS feed here.


V. said...

Looks fantastic !

Ian Koviak said...

beautiful typeface and color on that cover. Very pleasing.

Shorty said...

This leads me to a question. Joseph, I was wondering if you could do a feature on all-type covers? They are the bane of my existence as a cover designer. Every time I'm asked to do a cover with no image at all, maybe just a texture in the background, I struggle to come up with designs that look fresh and innovative but have no images on them. Is this something you might want to do a feature on?


Joseph said...

Hi Shorty:

I actually have an idea...could you mail me at so that we can discuss? Thanks.