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Saturday, October 03, 2009

King-Cat Comics by John Porcellino

Hey y'all, Austin here. I wanted to take my last day here at the BDR to blog about one of my favorite cartoonists, John Porcellino, and his amazing life-long work, King-Cat Comics and Stories.

For over 20 years, Porcellino has been drawing and releasing his self-published comics. They're all handmade: photocopied black on white paper, folded and stapled, with a consistent and instantly recognizable cover design.

In 2007, Drawn and Quarterly released a book collection of the comics, King-Cat Classix, perfectly translating the Zen/punk/DIY aesthetic of the comics to book form:

A new collection, Map of My Heart, has just been released, and again, Drawn and Quarterly has succeeded with their formula: add one simple color to the black and white, retain the King-Cat design. (HUGE thanks to my online buddy and cartoonist/writer Derik Badman for taking these pictures for me...go visit his site for some of the best writing about comics on the 'net!)

I love the map included on the inside cover! (For more examples of maps included in books, see my post, "Maps of Fictional Worlds")

I hope y'all will go check out John P's work.

Thanks to Joe and to you, his dear readers, for indulging me this past week! Stop by my blog sometime or say hello on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this -- i happen to be a serious comics fan. Have you seen R. Crumb's new illustrated Book of Genesis, just out?

Austin Kleon said...

Unfortunately, I have not -- but it's on my list! The excerpts I've seen look amazing.

Mew Mew said...

i can almost smell those pages.