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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Family Tree

Too reminiscent of the Six Feet Under creative? Too predictable? I do like the bird flying away, though. I like covers (and art) that has some kind of dynamic / active quality.


Brian W said...

I saw this post and thought "hmm, that cover was on Galley Cat the other day"

But then I loaded the post (scroll down a bit) and realized it was actually six other covers that look just like that one!

I think it's even more unoriginal than you ever expected. Yikes.

Joseph said...

And I just noticed that the bird in the above design is in the same position as the ax in this design.

chuck said...

Could have bben more interesting to put the picture of the women large behind the frame, instead of inside it. This one just seems to be too convoluted and all over the place. Good ideas that need to be pulled together.