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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Crisis

Can't make up my mind about this. Can't even find anything to say. Anyone else?


Anonymous said...

I like!

(Enough that I might even blog on....)


jtherieau said...

I like it too as far as design goes...makes me uncomfortable, which is the point no doubt. At first, though, I thought it was about our current president, GW, and the recent kidnappings in Iraq, since we see so many of those blindfolded images these days. Then I read the subtitle through and figured out it had to do with the hostage crisis back in the 1970's. (I still consider the present situation in Iraq "a crisis" not to mention a huge mistake. But I digress.) I'm not sure about the red line between "The" and "Crisis." Why do that? Making the article a smaller font size would seem to be enough to emphasize the main word. Maybe the subtitle should have been on the other side of the red line instead of the "the"?