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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Carnivore Diet

I don't think this cover makes sense until you find out what the novel is about:

"A 500-POUND beast called a chagwa -- with claws of steel, a forked tail and eyes that sprout all over its head -- stalks Washington. Animal Control (in fact, the entire federal government) proves powerless against it. Unfortunately, the chagwa seems to have developed a hunger for Wendy Dunleavy's 15-year-old son, Dylan, and she fears it's her fault. If only she hadn't tossed the monster those frozen Omaha Steaks. If only she hadn't been so doped up on sedatives, she would have known better than to feed a stray animal. Julia Slavin's first novel, ''Carnivore Diet,'' makes this comic premise both reasonably believable and saucily hallucinatory." (From the NYT review)

Having read the review, I like this cover.

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kitty said...

I'd definitely pick up the book and take a look.