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Monday, October 03, 2005


This sounds like a fun book: "an smart, quirky, hilarious look at whether there is a soul that survives our physical demise. She ranges into the oddest nooks and crannies of both science and belief (and scientists who believe), regaling the reader with tales of Duncan Macdougall, a respected surgeon who weighed consumptives at their moment of death to see if the escaping soul could be measured in ounces, and of female mediums who, during séances, extruded a substance called ectoplasm from their private parts (she even examines a piece of alleged ectoplasm archived at Cambridge University)."

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kitty said...

At first glance, I was unimpressed. But I couldn't stop looking at it, and the more I did the more I liked it. The feet really look like they're in motion. The cover accomplishes its task as I would at least pick up this book and give it a gander. Whether I buy it or not is another story.