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Monday, October 31, 2005

A Super Special Halloween Treat, 'Cause I Like You All So Much

Some wonderful work from Canongate U.S. The first three are of a series on Myth.


kitty said...

Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass. Pass.

I play like Dionne Warwick and "walk on by" these books at B&N.

Susan Henderson said...

I love your website, and I like this round of book covers because the designers are taking risks and trying something new.

Joseph said...

I agree, Susan. I really like the Winterson and Atwood titles. And if I remember correctly, both are even better when viewed in person, as the design is continued on the back.

essrog said...

The myth series are excellent given their content and The Flood is a genuine asskicker in my book (many years ago I recall discussing a very similar composition involving water with a friend, but as far as I know it came to nothing).

I have no idea about the Twins book is about, so it's hard to say fairly whether it's considered or just too subtle as a design goes.

Personally I observe Halloween by eating candy but this is nice also - thanks again