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Monday, November 28, 2005

Setting the Lawn on Fire

Anyone else remember the artist who shoots pictures of himself falling down stairs, etc? There was an exhibit of his work in NYC and there were some who were offended because his images of falling people were too reminiscent of 9/11. (Whatever; I thought they were cool.) This photo might be one of his, I'm guessing. Or maybe the trampoline has been cropped out :-)
(Via the Village Voice)


Je Suis said...

I really don't like this pic. Details: the shadowed pucker of skin on the small of the guy's back makes him look like he has a navel (innie, not outie) where no human should ever have one. This is disturbing and off-putting to me.

kitty said...

Actually, it looks like something else, something which is normally anatomically lower.

This cover does nothing for me. It's too gimmicky.

Gordon said...

This book cover evinces the topsy-turvy energy and uplifting spirituality of youth combined with one's natural discovery of the variegated dimensions of a life lived in self-determined freedom, once awakened to the heights and even the falling depths of exhilarating experience. Blemishes? Well, the beautiful body depicted appears perfectly natural to me, and happily is not air-brushed to some altered notion of perfection. A fine and fitting photograph for an exceptional and even needed work written by a rising author of great promise and certain merit.