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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Edifice Complex about different design approaches. I haven't read the book (although the author's "The 100 Mile City" is excellent), but the one with the pool and the trophy wife looks like it's completely off the mark.

I like the cityscape version a whole bunch.


kitty said...

The 1st cover work, primarily because it has a bikini-clad female on the cover. The 2nd cover does not work because I have to twist my head to read the blasted title >:(

essrog said...

While doing some research I came across a design for "The Spatial Economy":

(link goes to amazon)

It's also very good in my opinion, and reminded me of the second (and superior) design you posted here.

ingrid said...

the second one is amazing, both conceptually and in terms of grabbing attention. wow. you really get a feeling for the idea of monoliths to the rich.

the first one looks like a bad californian soap opera. way off the mark, and boring to boot.