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Monday, December 05, 2005

Two Books on "Stepin Fetchit"

Back in April, two books on polio came out at pretty much the same time. Love when that happens.

In this week's NYT books section, I found reviews of these. Like both? Don't like either? What are the merits of each?


Linda Adams said...

I like both covers. The black and white adds an interesting aspect to them. The only thing I'm confused about is that if the book is about Stepin, who's the Lincoln guy in the title on the second cover?

Joseph said...

It's his real name.

essrog said...

The first one is better; the photograph used is more dramatic, and the slightly ominous shadow reinforces the (editorial) framing in the title.

If the second title is intentionally neutral, reflective of the book's content, I suppose the picture is appropriate.

If it's up to me, it's better to have an opinion in a cover design.

Joseph said...

Good comments!

ingrid said...

Yes, the first one is better - its has the stronger contrast, and the angle is unusual (more of a narrative type of photo, lends a tone to the book). The second one is nice, but I'm tired of straight photos for these kinds of books. They all blend then. The first one, it appear like he's inviting you in - if you dare. However, the type is less than inspired. There are so many fonts that could have given a hint (just a hint) about the setting and era.