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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Attention all fellow word dorks

I'm assuming there are a few of you out there... :-)

I recently bought White Sox tickets online from Ticketmaster and they have a word verification step, as many such sites do. Those of you who leave comments here know that I ask for verification as well, and that you're asked to type in "words" such as PXYSQ and FRPWQII. Ticketmaster, however, has real words, and what's cool is that most are old, obsolete words I don't know. Who knew:

oxter = armpit

adunc = hooked; as, a parrot has an adunc bill

gurry = fish offal

hurden = a course kind of linen

(defs. via

I am *SO* going to kick my wife's ass in Scrabble next time we play.

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