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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Interview w/ Chip Kidd, and a note on the cover below

Chip Kidd is interviewed by Jonathan Safran Foer in the May issue of I.D.

If you're a fan of Kidd, you won't learn anything you don't already know. Except perhaps this:

Foer: Favorite book cover of all time?

Kidd: You Shall Know Them by Vercors. Pocket Books paperback edition, 1955. Designer unknown:

And it turns out Kidd, not John Gall, designed the Murakami book below.


Readymade said...

Went looking for the interview, but it's not online (yet?).

Just have to content myself with John Updike's intro to Kidd's Book One.

Joseph said...

Doesn't seem to be...I think that's the April issue (still) on line.

essrog said...


Ok, now that is one hilarious design!