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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Samuel Beckett: Grove Centenary Editions, vols. 1-4

Design by Laura Lindgren. Lovely. When I first saw them I thought they were from McSweeney's. (And you hard-core Beckett will have to tell me what they mean.)


Martn said...

I like the ones on top with the geometrical shapes a lot. The tree and the two figures are somehow not as powerfull. Nice typography, too.

Laura Lindgren said...

It's the centenary of Samuel Beckett's birthdate today, April 13. Thanks for the kind comments on my design for the centenary edition. Beckett is my all-time favorite writer, and it was an honor and a great pleasure to design the books and supervise the nitty-gritty editorial work to bring them into good form. I'll leave it to readers to discover the relevance of the cover images. Enjoy the books--Beckett's works are extraordinary.

Sopwith said...

Great covers, Laura. Beckett is a favourite of mine also. I'll definitely be getting myself this set of books. Thanks for the cool covers (it makes buying books that you love that much more enjoyable) and congrats. Cheers.