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Saturday, May 27, 2006

An Award-Winner from Turkey

I get a lot of satisfaction from doing this blog. Without a doubt, one of the cooler things is hearing from readers from other countries. People from Germany, England, the Philippines and Greece are among those who leave comments and make this a better blog. To wit:

I take the Turkish Society of Graphic Designers "GMK", TÜYAP Book Cover
Design Award 2006 for the second time. I'm very happy... You can see
the cover from my weblog:

Thank you.
Best wishes;
Utku Lomlu,
From Istanbul-Turkiye

So meet our new friend Utku Lomlu and check out the award-winning work:

Only one question: what's the bell-shaped white object?


Martin said...

I think it isn't an object at all but a tear in the "paper" such as might happen if you fold a sheet. The corner where the edges meet is likely to break off, leaving a hole. The fake paper on the cover on which the picture is printed seems wrinkled and has possibly been folded.

Joseph said...

That was my wife's thinking as well. You're most likely right.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
The comments of Martin and Joseph are right. I had scanned this cover picture from a very old (from 40's, 5 Turkish Lira) original paper money. It's the first book of "banknote triology". So I didn't want to change or correct the hole on it. Whole theme of the novel is situated on this money.
Thank you for your interest.