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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A G-Man's Life

Do FBI agents have such cool pictures of themselves taken these days? I doubt it.


danup said...

If it meant cool pictures like that I would sign up today.

essrog said...

The cover is ok, but yeah, that photo is so cool it ought to be bigger.

My first guess would have been that Mark Felt's memoir would have featured a darker cover ... you know, maybe something playing up the Deep Throat angle.

Hope this approach works also ...

Readymade said...

Yeah, thought the photo should've been more prominent too.

The authors' names are placed to close to the photo anyway.

Anonymous said...

There's a two-panel picture in circulation of Mark Felt juxtaposed with a picture of Eddie Haskel from "Leave it to Beaver" that is just dead-on.

They should have used that picture, the little twerp.