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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Hate Ann Coulter

According to the Huffington Report (in a story picked up from the NY Post), the authors wish to remain anonymous, with one of them stating "None of us want our real names in the hands of gun-toting, abortion clinic-bombing, self-proclaimed 'wing nuts,' who follow Coulter." The NY Post article goes on to note that the publisher, Simon & Schuster, has only once before published an anonymous title (Go Ask Alice, in 1971.)

While we normally keep strictly to book design around here (and to be honest, this cover could have been done by my cat), I'd like to ask you what you think about honoring the authors' request. Is this just a publicity stunt to sell books?


essrog said...

Ha!! I do think that the authors would be delighted to be identified and outed, to join the ranks of fellow former-anonymous Joe Klein and the Jerky Boys.

Unfortunately, this is a transparent ploy that backfires because it casts the anonymous authors as cowards. The marketing (or would that be publicity?) should have spent more time on the drawing board. Bummer

essrog said...

Another thought: I get a kick when authors chime in to comment on their own books or book cover designs here, but perhaps I should expect to be disappointed for this one ... on the other hand, it does open things up for some entertaining sock-puppetry ... maybe?

Me said...

I agree, it does look like a cheap publicity stunt.

Kitty said...

How very Joe Klein of them.

libhom said...

Can you blame the authors?

Some of Ann Coulter's supporters literally are terrorists.

Anonymous said...

publicity stunt

but great cover

"Some of Ann Coulter's supporters literally are terrorists."

whatever that means

Anonymous said...

I also think it smacks of publicity stunt, but I guess it depends on who the real authors are.

If it's people we've never heard of, then this is brilliant, I think. If it's somebody like Al Franken, then it's stupid and cheap.

If it's somebody like Bill Clinton, then it's hilarious

I'm sure we'll eventually find out.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like how the authors are identified on the cover; that's a neat play on words.

essrog said...

"anonymous" 6:00 PM:

Are you one of the authors?!
(Har har)

Also, I think it's the abortion clinic bombers are the terrorists that libhom is referring to (see quoted original post)