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Sunday, October 01, 2006

House of Meetings

This is, in a word, brilliant. Need convincing? Read the Amazon synopsis:

There were conjugal visits in the slave camps of the USSR. Valiant women would travel continental distances, over weeks and months, in the hope of spending a night, with their particular enemy of the people, in the House of Meetings. The consequences of these liaisons were almost invariably tragic. "House of Meetings" is about one such liaison. It is a triangular romance: two brothers fall in love with the same girl, a nineteen-year-old Jewess, in Moscow, which is poised for pogrom in the gap between the war and the death of Stalin.

This isn't available in the States yet. Do any of my UK readers know who designed this?


Anonymous said...

I love how the triangle hints at the love triangle found inside without showing two men fighting over the one woman. Excellent!

essrog said...

El Lissitzky!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is good.

Unknown said...

>>handelsaurus said...
El Lissitzky!

Absolutely looks like his work ... amazing talent (considering he's been dead for 65 years!)