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Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's Superman!

The hardcover design for this was done by Chris Ware; it's charming. This loses a little something without the wonderful sweeping title of the hardcover, but it's still pretty cool. (The text running up the left side is the obligatory Superman disclaimer; curiously, it doesn't appear on the hardcover.)


Anonymous said...

I like the art deco feel to this- sort of film noir.

Kitty said...

I agree with eileen.

But I can't make out what, exactly, Superman is doing. Is he losing his grip and sliding down the building? Did he fly into it?


I love this cover!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure, kitty, that he's holding the building up.

I'm wondering if the reason the disclaimer isn't on the hardcover is that Superman's likeness doesn't actually appear there.

Joseph said...

Seth: you might be right, but I always had the impression that you couldn't even start to *say* Superman without getting a letter from a lawyer :-)

Anonymous said...

So does DC sue everyone who produces George Bernard Shaw's play Man and Superman?