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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Last Jew

I absolutely love stuff like this. Not the type -- it's seriously lacking -- but the main illustration. Read a brief description from the Washington post and see if you agree:

A man mourning the loss of his son, Menahem, in Israel's 1948 War for Independence meets a veteran who offers him a poem that he says Menahem wrote.


Eileen said...

I like the simple and yet very graphic quality. The overlap making a coffin is a nice touch. It also has a bit of a spy vs spy look.

Anonymous said...

I agree: the illustration is really, really great. What I don't understand is that static typework - for me it eats up my nice first reaction.

kenny said...

Unfortunately this design is a piece of unashamed plagarism. Look up Paul Rand's sleeve for The Second Man by Edward Grierson.