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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The New Bedside Playboy

I don't really know what the Playboy brand looks like anymore -- I'm more of a Juggs man myself (no hate mail please -- only kidding!!!) -- but does it look like this?


Eileen said...

The bunny looks like a chew toy my dogs have. Having said that - I imagine it is a great collection.

Andrew Wheeler said...

That's the very first rabbit design, from the '50s, so I expect the design idea was to harken back to when Hefner was taken seriously as a thinker and social theorist -- to try to resurrect some of the cultural hipness of Playboy After Dark.

The whole design looks a bit like a '50s Playboy cover -- with the rabbit in place of the usual mostly-naked girl.

Joseph said...

Andrew: thank you. I knew there was an answer. Damn, my readers are smart and well-informed.