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Saturday, February 24, 2007


If you've spent the weekend drinking, you might want to take a pass on this one.

Read the Oliver Sacks blurb at the top and the Richard Dawkins blurb on the bottom -- or just keep reading this sentence -- and tell me that the middle figure spins as your eyes scan the words. Please tell me that's happening to you as well, or else it's time for me to go to the optometrist.


Katie said...

Ow, ow, it burns!

No, seriously, I think it's a cool idea but I feel a little sick.

Geoffrey said...

It moves. It's actually a pretty well known optical illusion. Here's a larger example:

Here's some academic background:

Eileen said...

Never buy books that give you seizures is one of my mottos.

Katie said...

It doesn't burn as much today.

I guess I really did drink all weekend.

Pocheco said...

I thought of this book this weekend, when I went to a club here in my home of Las Vegas...this pattern was on the floor at the entrance of a trendy bar. Why would anyone put this pattern in a bar? Geeze Louise. I tried not to look at it. Especially after drinking.

Martin Wagner said...

Thanks for posting the cover!

The illustration is by Akiyoshi Kitaoka. His website is full of this stuff. The cover is designed by Bogus Machnik of Spiral Path Design who did lots of covers for us.

More info on the book is on our website:

All the best,

Pinter & Martin Publishers

Another Shade of Grey said...

Definitely happening to me as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Does it say Dawkin instead of Dawkins? Ouch! A type-o, right on the cover!!

Martin said...

Typo caught before it went to press!