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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Measuring Time

Designer unknown.

The Amazon synopsis: Mamo and LaMamo are twin brothers living in a small Nigerian village, where their domineering father controls their lives. With high hopes the twins attempt to flee from home, but only LaMamo escapes to live their dream of becoming a soldier. Mamo, the awkward, sickly twin, is doomed to remain in the village. Gradually, he comes out of his father's shadow and gains local fame as a historian, embarking on a 'true' history of his people. But when the rains fail and famine rages, religious zealots incite the people to violence - and LaMamo returns to fight the enemy at home.

This is a beautiful cover, and it's interesting to wonder if the designer tried flipping the bottom horizontally. Doing so would underscore the twins' separation. But if their reunion is the high point of the story, aligning them is probably a better choice.

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