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Sunday, March 04, 2007

You Don't Love Me Yet

Designer name to come.

Teased on the front page of the Village Voice as "Jonathan Lethem's rock 'n' roll novel."

Uh oh.

I like Lethem. I loved Fortress of Solitude and Motherless Brooklyn. But if Delillo and Pynchon can't pull off rock n roll I'll be surprised if Lethem can. It doesn't look good: the Voice reviewer describes the lyrics to one song as "tough to imagine as a song written by adults, let alone enjoyed by hundreds of fans."

Re the design: (1) that's an older picture of Lethem on the cover, isn't it? (2) why all the ital / oblique? I don't hate it, but I always have to wonder when I see it. Does it make the book look like it's moving FASTER?
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