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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Deer Hunting with Jesus

Design by David Tran

"...(A) call to arms for fellow progressives with little real understanding of “the great beery, NASCAR-loving, church-going, gun-owning America that has never set foot in a Starbucks.”

This jacket most likely won't find a place in any design annual, but it's spot-on. The clear inference: Hey, progressives: see the pickup truck? The flag? The church? The small town you would never deign to visit? Well, guess who votes more often than you.


Anonymous said...

Well it's a "shoot from the hip" kind of cover that does draw you in... whether the views expressed are compelling or not I guess depends on your personal point of view, or, openmindedness.

scott_sheldon said...

BTW, the original title of the book was "Drink, Pray, Fight, and Fuck," and the cover was a Mike Caplanis drawing, here: .

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the deer since they can't vote.

Anonymous said...

The designer is David Tran at Crown Publishers.

Joseph said...

Thanks, Anon!