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Monday, August 13, 2007

Unmarketable, final version

Design by Rob Carmichael

Remember this one? Sarah, an editor at The New Press, was nice enough to send along the final design. This is still one of my favorites of the year. Thanks, Sarah!

Here's the new final version, followed by what I posted previously.


Lucas said...

Great match of style and topic. And the new version seems to take a stand against overprominent neck stubble, which might help sales.

greg said...

first one was better, more believable

Juan Carlos said...

I don't know what the reader above means by "believability". If it means that it perfectly conveys the message of"taking a stand against the corporations' washing machines", then I think the second and final version is leaps and bounds better than the first. For one, the t-shirt in the final draft looks like it's been washed a couple times and is thin and almost transparent, a cheap under shirt. The second guy is probably wearing one of those tight-fitting American Apparel shirt, check how the neck is snugger on the neck of the guy. All this conveying that this is a guy who doesn't really define himself by the brands he wears.
Details, like skin tone, the second draft is a nicely tanned guy, probably californian. The second draft the guy's is always green, looks a bit sickly, a little thinner, he looks like he's not living the "american dream" life that tv and movies tried to sell him while they grew up.
And the most importat part, the lettering on t-shirt, it's bigger and more readable, so swift it looks a lot less self-conscious than the first.

Yining said...

Kind of missed the boat, but this reminded my of an album cover that I like:
It's Louis XIV's The Best Little Secrets Are Kept