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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3 from Seven Hundred Penguins

For book design geeks like us, it doesn't get any better than the recently published Seven Hundred Penguins.

I won't turn this into the Seven Hundred Penguins blog, but I will occasionally take some photos and post them here (yes, scans would be nicer, but this book is *not* getting smushed onto my scanner). I needed a good laugh today, and all of these brought a smile to my face.

Photograph by Tony Palladino (1968)

Photograph by Brian Worth
Design by Brian E. Rockett (1967)

Design by Erwin Fabian (1960)


Anonymous said...

I'm smiling too. This is good stuff. Axe works well and could even be a very nice contemporary cover with the proper photography or illustration. The rest of these are dated as hell, but the concepts are fun.

Penguin did a few titles like the Penguin Car Handbook—where they used their logo as a sort of mascot that was actually doing the deed on the cover.

Funny stuff.

Tal said...

I think we can all agree that Self-Defense is the Best Cover of All Time!

Johnny said...

Great post. I've got the Honor Blackman book, which is worth it for the cover alone!