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Monday, March 03, 2008

Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head? The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies

Designer credit to come

We can probably infer two things from the way the title is handled here: 1) getting tied up is a popular fantasy, and 2) some people are really into type set in all caps. You all caps people are sick ;-)


Perry Falwell said...

Hmm - an erotic photo overlaid with what appears to be labels from one of those nerdy turn-dial labeling devices we all use to have when we were kids. Kind of a buzz-kill on this one. I'm betting the red stripes are supposed to suggest marks left by a good caning (or one of those get-along horse whips), and I'm sure the caps where used to better fill up the panels; maybe a different type-face (less reminiscent of the labeler) would have helped save this one.

Misque Writer said...

I thought the stripes of text went out of style in the... hm, when were they in style?

ian shimkoviak said...

I duno. Graphically this works and i would pick it up. But all that not without the fact that it IS a book of sexual fantasies with a retro image of a corset-clad woman.

There is a pleasantness about this treatment that in the end I give a thumbs up.