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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Graphic Design: The New Basics

Cover art by Yeohyun Ahn

We've all got a few books like this on our bookshelves, which introduce us to / remind us of basic design concepts such as scale, figure/ground, texture, hierarchy, etc. And you might not need or want another one. But if you do, check this one out, if only for the fantastically sourced examples. Buy this book from

(My apologies for the bad scans. I'm working on about two hours sleep. Urgh...if that baby wasn't so damned cute...)

Among the many things that jumped out at me: Oliver Munday's "Fire in the Hole" alphabet (much clearer over here):

And another alphabet from design studio (and fellow book cover enthusiasts) FWIS:

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Katie Alender said...

Oh, my nerdy quilter side loves the third one!