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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dear American Airlines

Design by Post Typography

Man traveling to his estranged daughter's wedding pens a complaint letter to American Airlines after his flight is canceled.

I can't get beyond thinking that when I get stuck in the airport, it's with a laptop; there's neither a pen nor a pad of paper in sight. And I haven't actually handwritten a letter in a decade. So I'm hoping that the handwritten-on-paper letter tells us something about the protagonist. Has anyone read this? Buy this book from


Darryl said...

Hard to fold a laptop into the shape of an airplane (maybe he could have depicted an Apple "air" instead). Why don't we just pretend that he used one of those neat handwriting fonts.

mog said...

I love it. I'm a sucker for the orange type (does that have anything to do with American Airlines?) and the white-on-white illustration.

Joseph said...

Mog: check this out next time you're in the bookstore. If you like orange you'll LOVE the back of this. Now I wish I had taken a photo of it :-(

Anonymous said...

Not wild about the distressed treatment of the font for "airlines". And is a crashing (paper) plane really the image we want? I do, however, love the orange on white; it looks particularly sharp.