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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Off For a Few Days

I need to head to the East Coast to attend to some family business (does that make me sound like a mobster? My mother's maiden name is Tucciarone ;-)), so there will most likely not be updates for a few days.

In the meantime: if you're so inclined, what's the one book that makes you scratch your head and think "How could that Joe guy have missed this cover?" Leave a comment with a URL (to Amazon, to a publisher's Web site, whatever) and format it as a link so that others can easily see what you want them to see. Let's limit this to 2008 releases (hardcover or paperback) and remember that blatant self-promotion is bad karma.

I'll be watching. Be nice to each other. See you soon.


Nadine Keefer said...

I think there's a lot going on in children's books these days. Latest example I've seen after all the fancy foils and holograms: bookseller's tables in the UK are glowing orange with the slip-on dayglo pvc cover of 'The Joshua Files - Invisible City' by MG Harris. My 2 boys (9 and 13) loved the book and have even been seen strapping the cover to their arms... Must cost a bunch to produce, but it really adds some mystery to the adventure book and kinda fits the theme which includes a secret book with a special cover!

Amazon UK:
(not out in US yet - why not?)
US link:

Just seen German version:

And publisher's site:

btw Love the reviews. How about a place to speculate on new/future design...maybe get designers to join in?

the7000club said...

ha ha ha i sure was gonna promote myself, too!

The Book Designer said...

not sure how to make a link but here is my pick of "Joe how could you miss this cover?!?!$?"

and UK version...

Anonymous said...

i know most of your reviews are UK and US books...
but we have cool stuffs down under in OZ land, too :-)

Some have won several awards nationally/internationally... do take notice of the finishing on the first link below... embroidered..!!



-anonymous #9

Anonymous said...

then "Baciamo la mano!"