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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everything But the Squeal

Design by Lynn Buckley

One man's attempt to follow local custom while living in Galicia, "the misty-green northwest corner of Spain, and home to a population that reveres and consumes every part of the pig" (from the dust jacket copy). Nice asymmetrical detail with the Spanish tile and a wonderful illustration, but the type leaves me a little cold; would a script typeface be better? (UPDATE: see mrartessa's comment for a good counterpoint)

Surely a magical animal deserves the best:


The Book Designer said...

This comes off like a fairy tale type of book. Like WICKED or something.

It looks pretty slapped together and disjointed, which is fine in some ways as that may be how the story reads, but all together I think designing a cover is more than just slapping things together to raise and eye brow...

Makes me think of Animal Farm.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm getting a little tired of Trade Gothic for everything.

Joseph said...

anon: you and me both.

MrArtessa said...

The designer is Lynn Buckley.

The cover on a whole really brings the entire concept together—so reserve judgement till you can see the entire package.

Personally I think the plain bold type fits the design. Sure it may have been nice to put something flourish-y on there but with all of the ornate line work and the Spanish tiles it most likely would have been lost.

Trade Gothic is a staple for a reason—we aren't reinventing the wheel here, just adding spokes to it.

Joseph said...

@mrartessa: good point about the ornateness of the tile; a type less sturdy could get lost.

I go back and forth on the type for this one. This video -- -- features John Gall, and one of the funny / great things he says is something like "we have thousands of fonts here, but I don't even know how to get to them." He mentions Trade Gothic, Futura and Baskerville as those he relies on in rule #3, "Be Thrifty with Fonts." That's probably a good rule. Why I'm resisting the type on this one, I don't know. Tune in tomorrow for another change of mind ;-)