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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Penguin UK Economics Titles: Making the Recession A Little Nicer to Look At

The economy's ugly, but reading about it need not be:

P.S. Krugman's blog post after he won the Economics Nobel is one of my favorite bloggy things in recent memory.


ecs said...

I think the top one falls under that category of when it would be good to spend the extra $100 and print the text on to the sandwich board and photograph it. Or at least Photoshop it better.

The second one really annoys me. As a letterer, I take offense that the new trend toward hand lettering generally dismisses the art of lettering. This isn't saying all hand lettering should be done by a calligrapher, but it should be done skillfully and with some craftsmanship.

Joseph said...


Re. point #1, I sort of agree with you and have made the same point (ditch Photoshop) more than a few times. I guess I just got a little giddy with the UK edition after having seen the US version: I'll say no more.

Joseph said...

Additionally, the Krugman book is a reissue. There used to be considerably less text. Sorry I can't find a larger image:

ecs said...

Joseph, Maureen Dowd's response to Krugman's win was also gold!

Ian Koviak said...

Both of these are great solutions. Simple and attractive 2 color covers that I would pick up any day.

The lettering could have been done by hand (on the first one), but I think it makes the cover feel more contemporary. Hand done type would really make the whole thing look like a book about the Depression.

Anonymous said...

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