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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Natural History of Unicorns

Design by Clare Skeats

Now this is smart. Would you want to be seen reading a book on the subway with a picture of a unicorn on the jacket? Publisher William Morrow Designer Clare Skeats wisely says no, you wouldn't.

Via The Book Bench's Well-Covered feature.

UPDATE: Designer Clare Skeats wrote in and provided some background: "I designed this originally for Granta here in the UK, and it was adopted by William Morrow for the US edition...The 3 illustrations that went into the ‘unicorn’ are from the London Natural History Museum collection and feature animals that the writer claims may have created the unicorn mythology. The brief was to avoid anything kitsch and mystical – for obvious reasons of taste!"

(PS: number of search results for "unicorn" in the books section of 44,419 (!))

(PPS: Veer tweeted this today. Unicorns!)


David Pearson said...

A very lovely cover by a very lovely girl

The Oxen of the Sun said...

love the cover-- reminds me of walton ford's artwork.